23rd of August – 3rd of September 2019, Olde Vechte, Ommen (The Netherlands)

Lithuanian team’s experience in the project

Game On for me was a quite new experience, cause it was my first time being a leader. At first it was kind of scary to think of myself speaking or doing activities in front of 50 people, but then later on I realised that I’m doing this all unconsciously – it happens automatically and that I’m finding myself comfortable in the group of people, which some of them i see for the first time in my life. And that experience basically led me throughout all of the project – I felt relaxed and accepted all the time because of Krisztina, Anna, Emma and their ability to create safe environment for young people to express themselves in a tolerant way.

Myself, I mostly enjoyed the Outdoor part. It was a complete unknown obscurity that me and my team got through. I learned that I can be brave, speak up to myself and others, be able to help and thank when I need to.  I’m extremely thankful for this activity.

Overall, The project was built in a way that people got the chance not only to play games and bring out their cooperativity skills, but also rest, have the „me“ time along with getting to know each other well enough they could say that they made a friend. For a lot of participants, this project was a first one and I think that for being the first, it made a great impression of what Erasmus+ is and what is it meant for.

Game On was a beautiful experience, and if it has the chance to happen again, I would 100% recommend it for the first-time Erasmusers, as well as people, who want their project to be not too intense, but as amusing as it can be.

– Beatričė


Spending last summer days in a youth exchange called „Game on“ was everything I needed before the new school year. From the first moment when I came here, I was surprised with the surroundings and the wonderful Dutch people. I will never forget how generous people can be to strangers (people let us in to sleep in their houses, picked us in their cars, cooked food, ect.). After experiencing all of this I became way more open minded and willing to help others like never in my life before

– Rugilė


It was my first project and I was a bit nervous about what was going to happen during these two weeks but when I arrived at Olde Vechte in Ommen… feelings changed. I never met so many friendly people in one place. We participated in workshops, played a lot of games and even created them by ourselves, we built a raft, we haven’t drown with it, tried hitchhiking, lived in random Dutch people’ home and were really thankful for that. This whole project was my best summer adventure!

– Vakarė


During my last weeks of summer, I participated in a project called „Game On“ and I didn’t regret after seeing this project. At first, I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone, but after arriving, I saw that every participant was friendly and trustworthy. We played a lot of different games where we had to trust, cooperate with each other. The surroundings and food were really great where we had a lot of fun. For three days we had to ask for strangers for accommodation and food. At first, I didn’t think that anyone would let us in but after trying I saw that Dutch people are very kind and that changed my attitude of people. So, this project gave me one of the best memories of my life and I am really glad that I participated.

– Danielius


Before project even started I was so anxious. Because you’ll meet new people, see new places, be at new home, new environment. It’s scary, but now that it’s almost over I can say it was the best choice I ever made. Now I realise how much I learned just from 12 days. From crying on the first day from loneliness to crying now from happiness.  You’re here as a new person and you meet bunch of new people. And they’re like you scared anxious and awkward, once you realise it then it’s not so scary anymore. It’s magical, you come and give all of you to others and receive the same. I even thought that I will never do that again because I became too attached to people, but you need to move on, to meet more new people, to receive more. That’s how you grow and learn, I was so scared to come but now I am scared to leave. It’s like wake up from a dream, it went so fast that I want to case that. So for me It was the first project and absolutely not the last.

– Dovilė

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