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YOUTH CATALYST is an 8-day training for trainers, designed for those who want to become trainers or facilitators in the field of non-formal education (NFE) and experiential learning (EL) and they have already took the first steps and need support in order to move further.

#Vieta: Ecocentre Loutí, Czech Republic 

#Data:  Kovo 15 – 25 d. 

#Šalys : Bulgarija, Portugalija, Graikija, Vengrija, Kroatija, Čekija, Italija, Lietuva, Rumunija.

How do I catalyse change in young people?

▪️ Learn how to design and deliver quality non-formal education and experiential learning programmes.

▪️ Find your trainer style, your values and strengths as a trainer.

▪️ Get practice in a safe learning environment.

▪️ Become more confident and flexible when working with groups.

The main question is how to create a learning environment where young people from diverse groups feel welcome, included and safe to grow. So the training will look into, first, how to design quality tailor-made content, second, how to facilitate it in a meaningful way.

#Registracija: iki sausio 24 d.

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Eight-day training for trainers for youth workers, facilitators and trainers from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania and Hungary, happened 16.-23.3.2019 in a beautiful ecocentre Loutí. The participants worked on their trainer skills, explored basic concepts of experiential learning and non-formal education, designed and delivered their own sessions and supported each other in their development and growth thanks to their feedback. „Real“ training skills were tested in workshops for student of high school in Neveklov.